My Story: A Journey to Finding Health

My Story: A Journey to Finding Health

Turn back the clock a few years… specifically to Summer of 2013. I was living in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada serving an LDS mission. I was overweight, in fact I had gained about 40 lbs. in the 4 months.  I did not feel good… ever. I was sick often, was taken to the ER a few times, and overall felt just gross. I had always been skinny and fit and this new body and feeling was depressing to say the least. I had a myriad of issues, but the biggest was that I was diagnoses with Chrones Disease.

Up 40 lbs. and a bad haircut…

I am the third from the left and now blonde.

I came home and something didn’t sit well with me. By this time, I had visited dozens of doctors in various specialties to try to get to the root of the problem. I was diagnosed, misdiagnosed, underwent minor surgeries, was on a variety of medicines, etc. Nothing seemed to work. I tried the medical route and found literally no answers.

That is, until I was opened to a whole new world. A holistic world, where my body was strong and what I put inside of it mattered. In January 2015, I visited a more “Naturopathic” doctor in hopes of finding answers that I had been searching for. For the first time, someone asked me what I had been eating, what my vitamin levels were, and what my genetics said about my predispositions. I had NO idea. No one had asked me about that before! I thought I ate pretty healthy, but I had no idea what nutrients I should be getting or what I was missing. After getting my test results back, I was devastated. I had early onset Arthritis and Lupus, Candida, Leaky Gut, Infertility problems, high risk of heart disease, MTHFR, insanely low vitamin levels, and more. When you really boil things down though, it turns out I had the same problems about 90% of American’s face in one way or another: Inflammation, Yeast overgrowth, not enough good bacteria, critical vitamin deficiencies and a less than ideal diet.

One by one, I set out to change this. I started with the Elimination Diet, and I revamped what I ate entirely. I began opting for organic (aka non-GMO), fresh, local meat and produce. I got rid of wheat and gluten. I virtually stopped eating sugar. I got rid of all processed foods. We stopped going out to eat at the typical restaurants. I began making everything from scratch. I started taking vitamins. I started reading the labels of everything I bought, etc. Within a few weeks of this dietary change I had more energy and health than I had experienced in YEARS.

For the first time in a long time, I felt liberated and free. I was in control of my body, my body was not in control of me! This was just the beginning though. Since then a world of possibilities have opened to me and I began a life transformation. I learned about juicing, energy work, raw and plant based vitamins, salt, food nutrients, good vs bad bacteria, alternative remedies like Colloidal Silver, proper exercise, household chemicals and toxins, Sunlight, meditations, balance, and so much more. I started feeling better and looking better.

Fall 2016 right before I got pregnant! Down 50 lbs. from my mission
Also late 2016, when I was finally getting my health back and feeling good!


Here I am a year and a half later (and pregnant mind you!), and according to my last blood tests, nearly cured of all of the above diagnosis that I had!!! I am happy, healthy, and experiencing true joy as I enable and empower my body to do the healing itself.  Now, does this mean that if I break my arm I’m just going to rub some essential oils on it and do an African rain dance in hopes it heals naturally? No way! I’m taking that arm and I’m going to the doctor for help. But, for thousands of years there was no “traditional medicine” or “medical industry”, there was just this beautiful planet, and it’s wonderful plants, light, and nutrients. God has granted us so many natural blessings found inherent in the earth and I believe that we should explore those options before jumping straight to synthetic ones. I don’t believe this because I am naive, uneducated, or “granola”. I believe it because after years of trying another path, I finally found out that works. I found healing and it made perfect sense to me! Not only does it make sense, but it has changed my life.

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4 thoughts on “My Story: A Journey to Finding Health”

  • I loved reading this! I saw your website a couple of days ago and thought, “I should start a blog!” So I am working on it right now! I had a similar experience with health during my mission. Once I started getting learning about “real” food, I am alot stronger, healthier, and I feel great! Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi! You don’t know me but I actually served in the same mission as your husband so I saw him post your blog and it peaked my interest. Thanks for sharing! I had a similar story as well so it’s amazing to see others who have also been on this journey. 🙂

  • Now, Cassidy, did I ever tell you & Brooklyn to stand in my pantry & eat yucky marshmallows??? NOT!!!
    I told you both, that marshmallows were garbage food & 100% sugar!!!!

  • I am so glad you found health and healing. I believe that there is a place for medical doctors and a place for holistic healers. I wish they would work together so more people could actually be healed.

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