My very first blog

My very first blog

Welcome to my website!

About a year ago my husband created his website and blog.  Since then he has tried to convince me to spend some time and create my own. He even got my domain name for me! Well, a year later I caved in.

I must admit, it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be! I have enjoyed building from the ground up and making something that is both useful and exciting. I have many ideas brewing around in this little head of mine! I’m excited to get started and to begin blogging about things that matter most to me. This will primarily including religion, politics, marriage, my journey to motherhood, health and home decor. Who am I kidding? I’m starting a mommy blog! Here goes nothing…

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  • I’m stoked to follow your journey! You should do a post on your healthy eating and how it’s improved how you feel!

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