Maternity Pictures

Maternity Pictures

When pregnant, it is easy to feel ugly, fat, overwhelmed, and so many other negative emotions. During these special months, a lot of changes occur in our bodies, we rarely feel good about ourselves and it is easy to compare ourselves to others. However, these statements are totally false! We are absolutely beautiful, powerful, and strong… more than ever!

One of the best ways to feel good and remember your pregnancy in a positive light is to get dolled up and do some maternity pictures. Find a great photographer who makes you feel and look good and strike a pose sister! I love my maternity pictures and will always cherish the tender feelings that they invoke in me as I think about my very first pregnancy and birth. I wanted to really capture the natural, raw approach that my husband and I took to this pregnancy and show the intimacy that I have felt in this process. Here are a few of my favorite pictures that make me feel beautiful… Enjoy!




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